Natural face care

Milky face oil with rose

Cleanses, softens, nourishes and illuminates
99.9% of all ingredients of natural origin
87.2% of ingredients from organic farming
All skin types
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Milky oil rose described softly

The great masters of the 19th century used oil made from natural extracts as paint. Quite an art to sublimate a portrait! The milky face oil with Rose was created by Phyltres against the backdrop of a magnificent rose garden in France, surrounded by fields of precious, even sulphurous materials such as hemp. After application by simple sprinkling to remove make-up, this subtly scented moisturising oil turns into a silky milk, without leaving a greasy film on the skin.
A unique beauty ritual to gently remove make-up and nourish your skin, while enhancing your complexion.
Created exclusively by Éléonore de Staël for Phyltres, its natural fragrance "Rose électrique" is made up of 78% ingredients of French origin


Phyltres' milky face oil is an exclusive and unique cocktail of plant oils, rich in essential nutrients, rare and precious.
It does not dry out the skin after rinsing and maintains its level of hydration between 12 and 24 hours after application(1).
It removes even waterproof make-up(2).
Your skin is nourished(3), more supple(4) and softer(5).
Your complexion is more radiant(6).
Using this oil as a make-up remover and facial moisturiser is more ecological and economical.

(1) According to a clinical test, carried out on women and men over 18 years old, all skin types including sensitive skin.
(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) According to a dermatological test after 21 days of use by 12 women


Rose essence

Delicate and refined ROSE ESSENCE with virtues recognised since Antiquity cleanses, soothes and regenerates the skin. A few drops of this prestigious elixir are enough for a restorative effect.


PLUM KERNEL OIL with a gourmet fragrance of frangipane, rich in fatty acids, smooths, softens, nourishes and protects the skin. It smooths the face making it visibly younger with its vitamin E content with renowned "collagen" action.


MACERATE OF CARROTS combined with this oil enhances the "healthy glow" effect and revives the complexion. Thanks to its rich antioxidant content, it prevents the signs of ageing with the combined action of hemp oil.


HEMP, cultivated in Asia during the Polished Stone Age (around 6000 BC), is a super plant recognised for its many benefits, including skin firming, deep hydration and the prevention of wrinkles.


To end on a high note, just changing a few letters, it could have come out of a painting by Paul Cézanne: SESAME OIL deeply nourishes the skin and maintains its elasticity.


Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil*, Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil*, Parfum, Prunus Domestica Seed Oil, Daucus Carota Sativa Root Extract*, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Tocopherol, Citronellol, Geraniol.
* from organic farming

Usage tips

Pour a dab of oil into the palm of your hand and apply the oil to the face, lips and around closed eyes.
Rinse: the milky oil is transformed into a silky and cleansing milk when in contact with water.
Pat your face, caress it: your skin is softer without being greasy and your complexion is brighter.

Precautions for use: keep out of reach of children and keep away from light.

A question? Find the answer below

Is natural cosmetics known to smell bad?
That was 10 years ago! Laboratories have made great strides in alleviating the odours of natural plants that age poorly or oils that can turn over time. With a flagship ingredient like Damask Rose and the addition of a 100% natural fragrance to our facial treatments, you’ll need to limit yourself not to use your bottle several times a day. Indeed, Éléonore de Staël and Jean-Charles Sommerard, internationally renowned nose, have respectively and especially created for Phyltres two olfactory signatures: the electric rose and the sparkling rose. Two fragrances with vegetal or sweet notes.
Are natural treatments not effective?
It’s not true! In addition to being without water or containing controversial or toxic ingredients (parabens, PEG...) for health and the environment, our treatments contain precious and rare actives with recognized properties. After formulating them with two French laboratories, experts in natural cosmetics, our technical and sensory products were tested with consumer panels. Their effectiveness has been proven by the results of clinical and dermatological tests carried out by independent laboratories. Cosmebio* certified, our formulations are effective and healthy for the skin. In this regard, a study, published in July 2019 by Cosmébio and carried out with a corneometry measurement, showed that organic care benefits from a better moisturizing efficiency than conventional care. After 4 hours, it recorded a 44.5% increase in the hydration rate, while conventional care recorded a 19.8% increase in the hydration rate. After 8 hours, the increase in the hydration rate of organic care was 36%, while the increase in the hydration rate of conventional care was 20.3%.
Rose includes allergens. What is the risk of using cosmetics based on this exceptional flower?
Yes, this beautiful flower includes allergenic components (citronellol, geraniol...), omnipresent in nature! These active molecules are at the origin of its benefits, recognized since Antiquity: moisturizing and soothing, anti-aging, toning and purifying (source Cosmébio, May 2022). According to various European and American studies, only less than 1% of the world’s population is affected by cosmetic allergies.
What is the difference between natural and organic ingredients?
Ingredients of natural origin include natural ingredients, physically processed, extracted or chemically treated according to the principles of green chemistry. This family obviously excludes those derived from oil. Organic ingredients, on the other hand, are natural or of natural origin, grown according to the principles of organic farming (AB). They can also be harvested wild, provided they meet the requirements set by the regulations of organic farming. The ingredients, selected by Phyltres in its natural facial treatments, come from these two families.

Customer Reviews

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Jessica R.
Bien joué le 2 en 1!

L'idée est bonne et ca fonctionne.
Ma peau est démaquillée en un clin d'oeil et nourrie à la fois.
Le lait apparait immédiatement pour au contact de l'eau.
Odeur addictive !

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