Natural beauty out treatments

Without any concession on the sensoriality and effectiveness of its formulations, Phyltreshas developed treatments magnifying an exceptional flower: a Damask rose grown in France. Combining other remarkable and synergistic active ingredients, its ritualsmoisturize, soothe or look good for a naturally beneficial facial beauty, every day that passes.

Natural and labelled formulations

Focused on the essentials and highly concentrated in France’s rare and precious natural active ingredients, Phyltres cosmetics exclude any chemical active, toxic to human health and harmful to animal welfare. Without water or alcohol, it crowns the long and uncompromising R&D work, conducted by its partner laboratories, Altho and Art&Cos. At least 98% natural, it is labelled Cosmébio Organic or Natural.

Hand-stitched textures

To offer a unique and exclusive sensory experience, Phyltres has taken care of its textures and fragrances. Velvety and subtly colored with a fresh rose, its jelly and gel-cream invite, with a simple look, a touch or a caress. Combining precious vegetable oils and rose extracts, its golden beauty oil is transformed into silky milk on contact with water. In addition to purifying and hydrating the skin, the Essence provides a delicious feeling of freshness. An experienc'essence to live at sunrise and sunset.

Perfumes of… sparkling or electric rose

Scented with sparkling or electric rose, its treatments offer a delicate olfactory experience.To express feelings an emotions in the application of its treatments, Phyltres has called upon renowned natural perfume designers: Jean-Charles Sommerard and Eléonore de Staël.

An intense and penetrating floral signature, enhanced by a fresh and invigorating champagne accord for the sparkling rose. A hymn to nature with a rose that exudes, in turn, notes common to lemon, bergamot, geranium and even green notes of leaves and herbs cut with electric rose. This natural fragrance contains 78.5% French ingredients. A first in the world of perfumery!

Care with proven effectiveness

Natural and effective, beauty treatments have been evaluated by independent laboratories with panels of voluntary consumers under normal conditions of use. Beyond compliance with the most demanding French cosmetic regulations in the world, the results of these dermatological and clinical tests prove the objective and undeniable effectiveness of Phyltres products. In addition to their safety and the claims they make, they are praised for their sensoriality.

May 29, 2023