Les co-fondateurs de Phyltres

Passion and commitment

In November 2019, Corinne Péronne, Jacky Cabailh and Sylvain Gaboriaud met on the desks of Essec, at the Campus de La Défense. At the school of entrepreneurship or start-ups, future executive directors have learned a lot but have in mind to contribute to a changing world. A world in search of responsible reinventions to protect the environment and human well-being. Corinne brings them a launching pad with a horticultural project that she has been leading since 2015. In her 19th century farm, in the heart of the new Aquitaine, the neofarmer is passionate about roses. She clearly set her sights on “Damascus”, the first to have been used in perfumery! Its essential oils and floral waters are remarkable components of choice for demanding In & Out natural beauty.
Nos inspirations
Nos inspirations

Inspired by nature

The rose is the favourite flower of women. But it also appeals to men concerned about their well-being and their influence in all spheres of their lives. Jacky, originally from the South-West and now urban, expresses a deep attachment to nature. He remembers from his earliest childhood his participation in crops, harvests and other peasant activities. For Sylvain and him, nature and its artisans clearly represent a source of inspiration and serenity. Their joint project takes root, opens up to other natural resources, converges Yin and Yang, blossoms into a business under the brand Phyltres.

Naturalness is at the very root of Phyltres' history and DNA. It is its roadmap (from ancient Greek phyllon). From the fields to its eco-responsible lightweight glass bottles, the natural beauty brand « In & Out » manufactures original and "made in France" products that are remarkable, responsible and sustainable. A combination of gourmet shots to taste and treatments to apply to the skin.
une passion française pour l’excellence des produits et pour l’authenticité.

An exceptional In & Out beauty

From the selection to the traceability of its raw materials in its gastronomic recipes and its cosmetic formulations, Phyltres shares with its partners (chefs, producers, laboratories, technological resource centre...) a French passion for product excellence and authenticity. Phyltres participates in the preservation of an agri-food heritage and in the promotion of the art of living "à la française". by highlighting the gourmand and gourmet terroirs of the south west and by highlighting the precious skill of artisans and farmers. The expression of rare refinement and natural luxury in exceptional « In & Out » beauty.

Natural beauty inside out