Taking care of your skin means taking care of your appearance and boosting self-esteem. We contribute to better well-being by combining these daily actions with the effectiveness of nature and sensory pleasure in an In & Out balance. Phyltres' mission is to offer exceptional In & Out cosmetic care to preserve and beautify both female and male skins. These treatments produced in France using roses combine naturalness and pleasure: “clean & happy beauty” at the service of well-being.


We are committed


 Phyltres defends a natural In & Out beauty. Our products are composed of rare and precious ingredients mainly of French origin. Our formulations and recipes - more than 98% natural for facial treatments and 100% for gourmet beauty shots - are highly concentrated, vegan and effective without adding water, magnifying the effect of each active ingredient. Authentic, true, undisguised well-being... right in its bottles. All are made of glass, an infinitely recyclable material that retains its mechanical properties, made in Europe and 30% lighter. In order to participate in the reduction of waste and minimise its impact on nature, Phyltres has also removed the secondary packaging of all its products. 



We combine unique expertise and know-how from the field to the container. These talents are experts and passionate about "made in France": producers, agri-food technology centre, natural cosmetics laboratories, starred chefs, micronutritionist... Together, we have developed exclusive formulations and recipes and written a new page on natural well-being "à la française". This shared requirement promotes research and innovation in each area of ​​expertise. 



Phyltres knows the origin of its ingredients and traces them at all stages of their life from their production to their marketing. We guarantee the quality of our raw materials grown in accordance with virtuous agricultural practices, protecting biodiversity and contributing to a sustainable world. In addition to having contributed to their sourcing, our partners, natural cosmetic laboratories and agri-food resource centre have selected them for their functional activity.

Natural beauty inside out