In & Out set Thirst for Calm

The exceptional natural soothing and regenerating ritual:
o a ritual of 7 Gourmet Beauty shots Thirst for calm - 7x50 ml
o the calming concentrated gel Rose de France - 50 ml
o the energizing hydrating essence Rose de France - 100 ml
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With or without gift box

In order to regenerate itself from the vicissitudes of a hectic life in an urban environment, the skin needs soothing and voluptuousness. With this chic and shocking care set, calm returns after the storm.

An In gift box of 7 Gourmet Beauty shots

Gourmet beauty shot Thirst for calm by Chef Tanguy Laviale - 7x50 ml

It encourages a regressive return to calm with its delicious combination with an exotic fruit, the apple leads a surprising mix & match and encourages a regressive return to calm. A beauty elixir that Big Apple is going to snatch up!
The gastronomic beauty shot is a fresh infusion of plants from France. This pure and preservative-free product contains natural ingredients selected for their concentration of micronutrients and "skin soothing" active ingredients: Granny Smith apple, kiwi, rose, roasted oatmeal and bergamot.

An Out gift box including Essence and Calming gel Rose de France

Calming gel Rose de France - 50 mL

Like music that caresses the soul, the calming concentrated gel blends floral essences and natural extracts known to reduce irritation and redness of the skin. Its precious active ingredients rebalance it and harmonise the complexion for a healthy glow. Its captivating fragrance, its creamy texture, its fresh pink colour orchestrate an olfactory stroll in a garden planted with roses and noble trees. 99.7% of its ingredients are of natural origin, precious, of French origin, selected and highly concentrated, without any toxic or controversial ingredients:
Damask rose hydrosol, linden hydrosol and arbutus extract from South-West origin, organic passionflower, hemp and vine shoot extracts from South-West origin, pre/probiotics - Allergen: geraniol

Energizing and moisturizing face essence Rose de France  - 100 ml

Moisturising and energising face essence from Phyltres is a twirling walk in a remarkable, flowery and fruity field. As it is composed of sought-after active ingredients with complementary effects, it purifies and hydrates the skin while exhaling the aromas of a rose of France, electric and reinvented. Head south with a sensory application to live each time you wake up to start your day or... each evening, to complete it well.

98.99% of ingredients of natural origin.
99% of the ingredients are of French origin, selected and highly concentrated, without any toxic or controversial ingredients:

lemon water* • Damask rose hydrosol grown in France • poppy floral water from the south west (flowers from organic farming) • glycerinated rose extracts* • Mediterranean seaweed extract • Roussillon grape juice

*from organic farming

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